Road Trip Ahoy-Hoy!
"Road Trip Ahoy-Hoy!"

Current Artworks

These ceramic sculptures are inspired by the

wonderful and timeless designs of Corvette,

Porsche, Woody and other classic cars.

They are individually hand crafted and

multi-fired with layered glazes to achieve their rich surface; then accentuated with 24 karat gold and platinum.

Many of the cars are made to order, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for the delivery.  We ship for free within the continental U.S.A. ​ International customers, please contact us for details.

"Retro Metro"
"Hot Dogger"
"Silver Bullet"
"Tiki Taxi"
"Tee Time"
"A Good Year"
"Family Vet" in black
"First Date"
"Caped Crusaders"
"Downhill Duo"
"Country Clubbers"
"Get a Load of Those Melons"
"Family Vet" in red
"Next Stop Wobegon"
"Fahrenheit 356"
"Fair Way Fair Lane"
"Rolling with Carmen"
"Keep On the Sunny Side"
"Travel Bug"
"Family Wagon"
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"Horse Whisperer"

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